The Sudbury Court Residents’ Association exists for two reasons: 1) to protect the amenities of the estate, and 2) to promote community cohesion.  We are active on any matters that members feel may affect the amenity of the estate, such as traffic and parking, and planning applications.  We also run a range of community events designed to encourage residents to come out, meet each other, and have some fun!

The SCRA is entirely run by volunteers.  People who live on the Estate and give up their time to make it a better place for us all.  You can read about Committee members on the Committee page.

The SCRA is one of the oldest residents’ associations in the UK.  We’ve been serving the community for 85 years, having been formed in 1930, just after the Sudbury Court estate was built.

If you would like to get involved, please do get in touch, or feel free to come along to our next Committee meeting to find out more about what we do.