SCRA AGM Report, Thursday 28th April 2016

The 86th AGM of the Association was held in St Cuthbert’s Church on Thursday 28th April and was attended by about 60 members.

  • Chair, Suzanne D’Souza, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.
  • Apologies were given from those unable to attend.
  • The Chair asked whether those present had read the Chair’s annual report, which was published in the April issue of The Courier, and whether there were any questions, of which there were none.
  • The Chair explained that the 2015 SCRA Financial Report had not yet been completed. This was due to bank statements not being sent to the correct address following the new Treasurer being elected at the last AGM. The Chair assured the meeting that the monthly financial reports for 2015 were complete, only the summary document had not yet been produced. This will be prepared shortly, audited, approved by the Committee and made available to members.
  • Cheryl Andani, Capital Programme Manager at Brent Council, gave a brief update on the planned Byron Court construction programme. There followed a short question and answer session.
  • Chris Whyte, Operational Director, Community Services, and Sandor Fazekas, Projects Development Manager (Highways), at Brent Council, gave brief presentations on plans for improving traffic flow along Watford Road and East lane. A lively question and answer session then followed, with many questions being asked about the parking problems on the estate.
  • After a tea break the meeting heard a very informative presentation from Simon Crawford, who is Director of Strategy at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust. A short question and answer session followed.
  • PCSO Charlie Charalambous gave an update on the Northwick Park Safer Neighbourhod team and invited residents to a crime prevention day in July.
  • Barry Gardiner, MP gave an update on the Byron Court situation, and then a presentation on matters of interest to local residents. There followed a short question and answer session.
  • The Chair gave an update on the Byron Court School expansion. The meeting was informed that our final option to get the planning approval overturned is to launch Judicial Review proceedings.  This is a legal process and as approximately £3,000 has been raised by residents we are in a position to begin the first stage.  The meeting was asked to vote whether they wished to proceed with launching Judicial Review proceedings and the majority were in favour.
  • Suzanne D’Souza stated that she would not be standing for re-election as Chair. Roann Etan and Rasa Murugasu would also not be standing for re-election for Vice Chair and Treasurer respectively.  Pareet Shah would be happy to continue as Secretary.
  • The following were elected to the Executive Committee:

Chair: Kaye James  (Interim, 3 month basis)

Interim Vice Chair: Sanjay Patel  (Interim, 3 month basis)

Interim Treasurer: Paul Lorber  (Interim, 3 month basis)

Secretary:  Pareet Shah

Executive Members: Suzanne D’Souza, Roann Etan, Sukaram Chopra,  Frank Manches, Beverley Persaud, Sophie Seifalian, Dolores Davies, Vanessa Barker, Aileen Bommer, Arlene Howard

Honorary Auditor:  Vacant

Honorary Solicitor:  Vacant

  • The April Lucky Draw, which is the first draw of the new 2016/17 series, took place.
  • There being no further business the meeting closed at 10pm.


AGM 2016 agenda


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