Committee meetings

You are very welcome to come along to a committee meeting and find out more about what we do.  Committee meeting dates for 2015/16 are listed below.  Please do get in touch if you’d like to attend.

January 6th,  7.30pm
March 3rd, 7.30pm
February 3rd, 7.30pm
April 15th, 7.30pm
May 6th, 11am
June 10th, 7.30pm
July 8th, 7pm
August 12th, 7pm
Sept 9th, 7pm
Oct 6th, 7pm
Nov 3rd, 7pm
Dec 1st, 7pm
Jan 12th, 7pm
Feb 2nd, 7pm
Mar 1st, 7pm
April 5th, 7pm
May 3rd, 7pm
June 7th, 7pm
July 5th, 7pm